Monday, September 27, 2010

You can have the bread but give us the wrappers ~_~

Charity can be many ways ~
 ....This is one of it!

You can have the bread and give us the wrappers. 

Thanks to Gardenia, we managed to collect 126 pieces of wrappers before the expiry date to exchange for 42 loafs of Gardenia bread last year, 22 loafs was sent to Meiling Street Lions Befrienders and 20 loafs to Lions Home at Toa Payoh Rise.

去年我们要感激Gardenia,在她们的促销期间我们能赶在促销结束前收集了126个包装纸,换来42粒面包,22粒送给美玲街狮子乐龄之友,另外20粒送到位于Toa Payoh Rise的狮子会狮子之家安老院                           

This time round, Sunshine Bread is having the same promotion (See photo below)

Promotion expiry date: 15 December 2010.
Pls drop us a note if you are giving away yours.