Sunday, August 8, 2010

Project ReadingMMS at Wiengkaen, Thailand ~ Lead by Dr Bala Rajaratnam

Lions Club of Singapore Somerset extend invitation to fellow lions to join us on community project (from 17th – 30th March 2010) focused on developing literacy, understanding importance of personal hygiene and managing sport injury to ~1100 students in two schools at Wiengkaen; a hill-top Thai village close to the border with Loas. Programme is in collaboration with the National Youth Council's Youth Expedition Project involving 19 Nanyang Polytechnic students.

Books donated by Westgrove Primary School collected by Lion Clara Poo, President Dr Bala & Volunteer Samuel Lim.

A great help from Lion Wilson Chia from Fort Canning has significant experience in organising book drop programme to deserving organisation overseas

这一次团队由Bala 博士带领南洋理工19位学生响应狮子会并携手完成任务

* 对赠送海外书籍经验非常丰富的Wilson谢先生(Fort Canning狮子会)的协助,赠送课本和经验分享,
* Westgrove小学学生们捐出的书本
* Sherman Lim分享气球绑扎艺术
* Bala 博士,Clara 狮妹和义工Samuel Lim 帮忙运载好几千本的书籍回到南洋理工学院进行筛选和分类工作

Sorting out in NYP:

Balloon Sculpting by Magician, Sherman Lim Yi-heng sharing his skill with NYP students who went to Wiengkaen, Thailand.

Sherman Lim (魔术师-林奕亨,淡马锡理工学院毕业生)义务教导气球绑扎艺术,给Wiengkaen之行增添色彩,留下美丽的回忆

More preports on Project Reading in Chiang Rai, Thailand 
We thank all who helped in this project from the bottom of our heart


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